International Conference Highlights Lessons in Disaster Recovery from the MDF and JRF

Indonesia’s post-disaster reconstruction experience was the topic of an international conference held in Jakarta on November 12, 2012, entitled Lessons from the Indonesia Experiences in Disaster Reconstruction and Preparedness.

The conference drew on the experiences of both the MDF and JRF, which are completing their operations on December 31, 2012 after many years of successful work in Aceh, Nias and Java following devastating natural disasters. These experiences reshaped Indonesia’s approach to disaster response and preparedness. Learned through the costly and painful recovery from horrifying disasters, Indonesia's disaster reconstruction experience will ensure that a legacy of resilience and preparedness will endure into the future.

The conference attracted over 500 participants including dignitaries from disaster prone countries including Japan, Pakistan, and Haiti. It covered many aspects of post-disaster reconstruction and preparedness, including the community-led approach to housing reconstruction, post-disaster livelihoods recovery, gender and capacity development, mainstreaming disaster risk reduction, and knowledge sharing.

Materials about the MDF and JRF, including those prepared for and resulting from the conference, are being uploaded to this site as they become available.


May 2012
Disaster Response & Preparedness: From Innovations to Good Practice
English | Bahasa

October 2011
Building on Success: Effectively Responding to Multiple Disasters
English | Bahasa

October 2010
Enhancing Community Resilience for a Self Sustaining Future
English | Bahasa

July 2009
Three Years after the Java Earthquake and Tsunami: Prioritizing Community Based Planning for Sustainability
English | Bahasa

June 2008
Two Years after the Java Earthquake and Tsunami: Implementing Community Based Reconstruction, Increasing Transparency
English | Bahasa

June 2007
Highlights include: results of housing and community infrastructure projects

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