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The JRF used a governance structure similar to that of the MDF. It was governed by a steering committee responsible for:
  • endorsing overall priorities
  • endorsing project financing proposals
  • reviewing fund progress
  • ensuring coherence and collaboration with activities funded by the government’s action plan
  • the results framework
The steering committee also served as a forum for policy dialogue with the government on issues relating to reconstruction and development efforts.

Members of the Steering Committee included:
  • a representative from the National Coordinating Team, formed to coordinate and implement the reconstruction efforts in Yogyakarta and Central Java
  • The contributing donors to the JRF
  • The World Bank as trustee
The Indonesian government representative co-chaired the steering committee, along with the European Commission, as the largest donor, and the World Bank.

The steering committee invited other participants from non-contributing bi-lateral and multilateral agencies, including the UN, civil society, and local and international non-governmental organizations, to join the steering committee as observers.

The day-to-day operations of the JRF were managed by a joint secretariat that also managed the MDF. Specific duties of the secretariat included monitoring and evaluating the JRF's portfolio, coordinating the JRF's activities and administering its funds.

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